How Mobile Marketing Allows You to Engage Customers Regularly

Around 80% of Internet users have smartphones and many of those people also have laptops and tablets as well. Smartphones especially rarely get left behind and are almost always in a person’s pocket or purse, which means that any messages sent to these devices are sure to be seen. As a business with a collection of phone numbers, you have a direct line to all of your customers’ devices and by taking advantage of this, you can spread important messages to a wide but specific audience.

Obviously, you aren’t going to text each of your clients individually; thankfully, you don’t have to. Working with an SMS mobile marketing service allows you to send out bulk messages to potentially every phone number you have saved. You will also be able to pick out individuals for more specific messages.

What Are Your Options?

In terms of mobile marketing, there are several options but all of these things reach your customers in the same way, which is through their mobile devices. Mobile marketing for Malaysia business makes it easy to connect with customers and you can do so in all of the following ways.

  • Text SMS: If you want to announce a sale or introduce a new item, you can send out bulk text messages that briefly describe what’s going on. Most smartphones display a sample of the message on the notification screen, which could sometimes fit your entire announcement. Only when the users open the text will they be able to click on links or find out more information.
  • Picture SMS: Sometimes text isn’t enough to tell your audience what’s going on or get them interested. With a picture SMS, you can include more intriguing information and give your customers a taste of the product without needing them to take any action.
  • Interactive SMS: Interactive messages allow you to learn more about your customers and gather valuable information that will help you down the road. Surveys, polls, and feedback requests are all examples of this; other times, you can get customers to vote and participate in contests.

Gain Valuable Insight Into Consumer Behaviour

With these marketing strategies, you will also be able to gather data about your customers based on how they are reacting to your messages.

You can see when they click on links or participate in your surveys and you will obviously be able to see the results of any questionnaires. You will also be able to gauge interest in a particular product or sale depending on how people react. With the ability to get this information, you can start making more informed decisions about your product or service and make strategic changes based on this data.

Target Specific Audiences

In addition to being able to spread the word far and wide, you will also be able to target specific audiences. These SMS programs allow you to specify who you want the messages to be sent to so whether it’s your entire customer base or a specific group, you can get your message out there as effectively as possible.