Kids love to slide, swing, run around, and indulge in all sorts of play, and a good playground facilitates all that. Access to a great outdoor playground, especially at school, makes it easier for kids and teachers to meet the curriculum requirements and have fun. It enables kids to interact socially and remain physically active, meeting their basic needs.

If you intend to invest in a private or commercial playground, you may wonder what makes a great playground. You will know a playground is great when the kids beg you to play more, and here are the aspects that contribute to that.

Mobility and motion

A great playground should encourage kids to run, jump, slide, swing, hop, throw, toss, climb and move around, which is what good mobility and motion do. A great playground should allow the kids to move freely around the playing equipment without fear of accidents.

Furthermore, the playground equipment should be movable, like swings and seesaws, to encourage kids to be more active. On the other hand, a poorly designed playground has tight spaces that do not allow much activity.

More inclusive

When choosing a playground design, it is crucial to keep in mind the needs of all the children, whether in a commercial or school setting. The playground should not only be accessible to kids of all ages and sizes but also to those with special needs and mobility issues.

An inclusive playground has several multisensory play equipment at ground level for the kids who might not be able to use the larger equipment. The playground surfaces should also be smooth and safe to encourage more movement without fear of accidents.

Natural aspects

One of the aspects of a great playground is natural aspects like green grassy areas. Although many playground equipment is made of plastic and metal materials, playgrounds must incorporate the natural aspect. Many green spaces and natural elements like sand and water give kids a dynamic playing environment that grows their manipulative skills more. It also allows them to explore nature more, keeping them healthy and strong.

Overhead events

Another aspect of a good playground is elements that encourage the kids to exercise their upper bodies more. For instance, playground equipment that promotes upper body movement includes chain ladders, monkey bars, monorails, etc. It is crucial for better heart health and overall wellness.


A great playground should appeal to kids of all ages, sizes, and the entire family. Everyone should be happy to use the facility, even passively. For instance, benches, picnic tables, and shades make a playground a great amenity for families. Additional areas can accommodate traditional games like football, basketball, tennis, etc., to encourage friendly competitions.


Safety is a critical element of a playground. A good playground has smooth surfaces that cushion a child’s fall to minimize the risks of injuries as they play. It is advisable to avoid playground equipment that stands on concrete, asphalt, dirt, or artificial surfaces.

The bottom line

Keep the abovementioned aspects in mind when investing in a playground to provide the kids with the best playground.