Wonderful Crystal Gifts

Crystals are minerals, meaning they are inorganic,naturally formed substances.  They develop underground, out of recurring, three-dimensional atom patterns.  The conditions in which they grow affect their appearance and shape.  Some may take on odd shapes.  Some may develop for thousands of years and grow very large while some stay small.

Crystal Powers

Besides being absolutely beautiful and captivating, Crystals also offer beneficial powers.  Crystals enhance the wearer’s personal energy, which protects them from other people’s energy and improves their immune system, and, thus, helps healing.

Crystal as a Gift

Crystal is a thoughtful, personal gift.  When you give Crystal to someone, you are indicating that the person is special to you, that you know their personal needs and wants, and that your care for them deeply.

If you’d like to give Crystal to someone (or to yourself), you should choose what feels right to you and for them.  There are, however, a select few that are a foundation for the inexperienced.  Clear or White Quartz are most effective.  They are programmable, meaning they hold the wearer’s intention and help intensify the energy of their intention.  Clear or White Quartz also cleanses and recharges other crystals.  You must rinse it weekly and recharge it in the soil of a healthy plant or under sunshine.

Here are some other good beginner Crystals:

  • Rose Quartz. This lovely pink crystal attracts new love and works on self-acceptance and self-love.  It unclutters blocks and gets rid of past resentments so that you can relish the present.  For some individuals, the Rose Quartz dredges up unsettled emotions (if that happens, use Black Tourmaline, which is mentioned below, for grounding).

Cleanse and clear Rose Quartz under running water and recharge it beside Clear Quartz.

  • Black Tourmaline. As mentioned above, this stunning black stone is a universal grounding crystal that protects you from negative energies, including those from other people, as well as from devices such as cell phones, computers, and microwaves.  It takes those negative energies and converts them into protective, positive energies.  Some experts say that holding Black Tourmaline when you’re confused or disoriented provides clarity and that it can also protect you from on bad situations, such as accidents and psychic attacks.

Black Tourmaline should be cleansed under running water and rechargedon the topsoil of a healthy plant orin the sun.

  • Smokey Quartz. This tantalizing, clear brown crystal helps personal energies recover.  It relieves stress, helps you relax, and it’s grounding, especially in a work setting.  Some also say it helps them sleep and dream peacefully.  Experts also recommend it you’re ill and/or not feeling well.  If you use it along with Clear Quartz, you can hasten its abilities and increase its energies.

Cleanse and clear Smokey Quartz under running water and recharge it beside Clear Quartz or on the topsoil of a healthy plant.

  • This gorgeous, orangecrystal is good for professionals as it provides self-confidence and attracts money, business, and luck.  It’s also good for artistic people as it stimulates clarity, imagination,and creativity.  As well, it offers joy, optimism, helps ease digestive problem, and strengthens the solar plexus chakra, the center of individual power and determination.

Some experts claim that Citrine doesn’t require cleansing.  Others, however, others believe you should cleanse it occasionally under running water.

  • This dazzling purple crystal is a favorite.  It’s excellent for aura and spiritual purification, physical balance, and for balancing the emotional, physical, and mental parts of our bodies.  It also relaxes and soothes and encourages creativity. Amethysts additionally help with healing are the leading stone for addiction and headaches.

Cleanse Amethyst under running water for several minutes and recharge it beside Clear Quartz or Hematite.