Windsurfing Legend from the Greek Islands

Throughout history the Greeks usually have traveled the world. Windsurfing grew to become famous the gorgeous Grecian coastlines in early 1990s as evidenced through the victory of Nikos Kaklamanakis within the 1996 Olympic games. He earned windsurfing history when you are the very first sailor man be honored with to be the torchbearer in the Olympic opening ceremony. Today, windsurfing is really a top sport within the legendary Greek islands.

“Happy may be the man who before dying has got the fortune to visit the Aegean Seas. Nowhere else may i pass so easily from reality towards the dream.”

-Nikos Kazantzakis

Why the legend?

Well, A holiday in greece Is really a legend and myth! Within this country fabled winds blow across rugged islands of legend, thrown across turquoise waters within the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian Seas. Within an remarkable occurrence, A holiday in greece territory spans 6000 islands with just 200 being lived on. Unusual variety, a colourful history, and crystalline physiques water are what epitomize these famous seashores.

The dependable Meltemi winds, the security of Grecian waters, the perfect climate and also the closeness from the ports and seacoasts allow it to be famous among windsurfers and probably the most preferred destinations on the planet.

Island Locations

Paros Island

Paros comprises a bit of the Cyclades island group and lies towards the west of Naxos having a eight kilometer/five mile funnel together.

It is a hotspot for European vacationers and also the island windsurfing is recognized globally. It’s considered by many people one of the better spots within the Greek islands. The island’s Gold Beach (Chrissi Akti) is much better known than every other beach within the Greek Islands. Its fame attracts windsurfers and kitesurfers from round the planet due to the windy conditions in bay.

There are plenty of Worldwide competitions there. The Journey, a sanctioned PWA event since 1992 happens there each year. It’s a marathon race that occurs across the Cyclades islands.

Paros is among the top ten locations for windsurfing worldwide. It is known for its aquatic sports and it is the Windsurfing Capital from the Greek islands.

Naxos Island

The Cyclades largest island is Naxos. The breathtaking bay of Mikri Vigla is around the west from the island. Winds blowing between via a natural venture between Naxos and also the neighboring island of Paros create a few of the most powerful winds within the Cyclades. Winds can exceed 40 knots with three-to-six-feet waves. You will find beaches that focus on all levels and preferences.

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