Why Select a Porter Cable Air Compressor?

There are many types of Porter Cable Air Compressors currently available. The Porter Cable Air Compressor make of products is produced by Porter-Cable – a business that’s been running a business since 1906. The Porter Cable Air Compressors are associated with the Porta-Cable type of movable tools to be used in woodworking. Porta-Cable makes its products in Jackson, Tennessee, together with sister company Delta. Porter-Cable and Delta became a member of forces around 1960, however they give broadly varied products.

One particular example may be the 25 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor Portable 60 Gallon Tank 175 PSI. The product includes a 175 PSI – 60 gallon equivalent tank size. Its high capacity air regulator includes a beginning PSI of 145, which tops out at 175 PSI. The product has got the greatest degree of moderate-to-heavy use and on / off tool operation in the category. We have an oil-free design that’s at the same time durable and occasional maintenance. It offers an immediate-drive twin cylinder. Its 120 volt induction and powerful torque motor offers trusty beginning function, too.

Another from the Porter Cable Air Compressor models you should think about may be the 20 Gallon Air Compressor 5.1 CFM @ 90 PSI model. This Porter Cable Air Compressor offers a 175 PSI – 49 gallon equivalent tank size. Its high-flow air regulator begins at 145 PSI and culminates at 175 PSI. This Porter Cable Air Compressor should match the strictest standards of moderate-to-durable and intermittent tool operation in the product category. Reliable beginning could be achieved by its 120 volt induction and torque engine. Its ‘4 Pole’ 1725 Revoltions per minute motor promises a long operational existence and brings lower the amount of noise emission. You will get remote air regulation plus control within the surrounding work part of the job site due to the remote ‘quadraport’ station. The product includes a higher-flow regulator and 4 quick connect physiques.

The final Porter Cable Air Compressor model about this list is known as the Free Of Oil Induction Side Stack Compressor. This product has 6. SCFM that allows its 4.3 gallon tank to recharge faster. An extended tool run-time could be acquired with the 150 PSI Max. 120 PSI cut-in pressure offers 30 PSI ‘Bonus Air’ before you make a 90 PSI tool totally inoperable. Its 1.6 running HP induction engine was created for extended use. Additionally, it includes push for connecting couplers, a higher-FloSM air regulator, as well as an oil-free pump that won’t cause oil spills the pump needs simply no maintenance.

The 60K psi fitting test result and when it is due for a re-test. Modern machines can store all this in an internal memory which is then downloaded to software which can then run a series of reports. We have found many issues when testing units that have incorrect or homemade fuses to severally cracked plugs which are often incorrectly wired.