Why are Cordless Vacuum Cleaners So Popular Nowadays?

You might even have one already, but just why are they now so popular and preferred so much than the traditional vacuum cleaner? Well, to begin with, a cordless vacuum is one that operates using a battery pack rather than using a lead, which is usually plugged into a wall socket as a power source.

Every model of the cordless vacuum cleaner has a charging station that recharges the batteries in between cleans. They are also slightly lighter in weight and easy to manage. Other advantages of using a cordless vacuum cleaner include:

  1. The most obvious being that there’s none of those often long, awkward cables all over the pace when trying to clean an area.
  2. Having no cables getting wrapped around table legs or stuck underfoot while vacuuming a floor, rug, or carpeting is much easier. This speeds up the cleaning process, because it is unnecessary to stop and untangle or move the cable.
  3. Another benefit to this kind of cleaner is being bag less. Rather than using a traditional vacuum bag that must be disposed of when full, the cordless vacuum makes use of a detachable collection bag.
  4. When the bag is full, it is then taken out of the unit and the contents put into a bin. No more replacement bags help with cost savings over the lifetime of the cleaner and is ecologically sound.
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Many people like using a cordless vacuum due to it being that much lighter in weight than the conventional type. A lot of vacuum cleaners are somewhat large, bulky, and difficult to move and work with, whereas the cordless type is slim in its design and weigh much less than a standard corded type.

But, not everyone is a Fan!

There are some people who claim that this kind of cleaner doesn’t have the same power of a conventional vacuum cleaner and is not appropriate for homes or offices where foot traffic is heavy on carpeting. Others have questioned the strength of the cordless cleaners, reckoning that they just don’t last as long as the corded models.

But Those That Are

Fans of the cordless vacuum cleaner say that a lot of models can handle all types of carpeting, as well as being able to adjust for things such as rugs and hard floors. They claim there is not much difference at all in the suction power between a corded vacuum and a cordless one. As for their staying power, enthusiasts of the cordless vacuum say that cleaners which have been out for nearing a decade are still in great active use.

The same goes for a range of various products, determining whether a cordless vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice will depend on an individual’s preference.