What To Expect When You Send Your Gemstone Jewellery To Be Tested

There are many reasons you may want to get your gemstone jewellery tested, and you may have inherited it or need to get it insured. If you have never had jewellery tested before, you may not know what to expect or what information it will provide. Below is a summary of your gemstone identification report’s information, so you know what to expect and what information it will provide.

The Information Included In Gemstone Reports

A lot of the information included in the report will pertain to the 4 Cs of the gemstone jewellery. The 4 Cs determine the value of gemstones and are as follows:

The Cut: The report will include information on the type and style of cut, and there are many different ones. You can get gemstones in a cushion cut, brilliant cut, oval cut, princess cut, and emerald cut, to name but a few.

The Colour: The report will also include information on the colour of the gemstone, and it will be graded accordingly. All gemstones are graded in this way, from diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and everything in between.

The Clarity: Another vital factor of the 4 Cs that will help determine the gem’s value is its clarity. The clearer the gemstone and fewer faults, which are also known as inclusions, the more it will be worth.

The Carat Weight: The final part of the 4 Cs is the gemstone’s carat weight, which is how big it is. The higher the carat, the more gem you have, and this can also increase its value depending on its quality.

These are the 4 Cs that are used to grade gemstones and help determine their value. But your gemstone report will include more information than this, such as:

The Gemstones Origin: The report will also include information on the gemstone’s origin, so you know where it originated. You can help determine whether you have a conflict gem if you know where it came from before being used in jewellery.

The Size Of The Gem: The physical size and dimensions of the gem are something else that is included in the report. They will give you the dimensions of the gemstone, including its height, width, and length.

Any Enhancements: Your report can also include information on the enhancements that have been used on the gem. It will state whether it is natural, or artificial and the most likely enhancement techniques used.

This is the information that specialist companies usually include in gemstone reports, but some companies may provide more than this. Take your gemstone jewellery to a reputable laboratory, and you may be surprised at what it can tell you about your gems.