What the way you carry your handbag says about you

Nowadays, people don’t judge you on the basis of what you wear; rather they judge you on how you wear it. Whether it is accessories or apparels, you need to carry them gracefully so as to leave a mark of your persona onto others minds. If we precisely talk about handbags, there are several designs, patterns and colors of handbags available in the market to help you choose from. But choosing an appropriate bag for yourself and then carrying it nicely is really very important. Whether it is designer tote bags, slings, clutches etc, you need to flaunt them all with style. So, let now scroll down and find out the different ways in which you could carry off your handbags.

  1. Held in your hand

Generally smaller bags like clutches, wallets and purses are held in hands by women. But, you could always flaunt away your bigger bags too in your hand and look stylish and every bit of a diva. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Scarlett Johansson are often seen flaunting this style.

  1. On the crook of your elbow

Women nowadays love carrying their handbags this way. The style is mostly preferred by women who wish to show off their handbags. It also reflects that you wish to flaunt away your class and status. If we talk about celebrities, almost everybody could be seen carrying their totes in this style.

  1. On your shoulder

This is one of the most common styles of carrying a handbag. If you’ve got a relatively big sized bag and want to carry it comfortably, then nothing could be better than this style for sure. This way you could let your hands free and could also avoid straining them unnecessarily as in case of the above mentioned style. This kind of style also reflects your free spirit personality to others.

  1. Across the body

This style could be flaunted in two different ways, one being across the body with the bag in front and the other one is across the body with the bag behind. The former style represents your shy yet defensive nature. The latter one depicts your carefree attitude, which means you aren’t too worried with how it looks. But, both these styles are unique in their own ways and look amazing when carried with vogue and elegance.

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