What are the Advantages of Using Washroom Hand Dryers?

Some of the advantages of using hand dryers are such things as a reduction in the odds of brainless vandalism, a saving on costs and paper, plus also much less time spent managing a washroom. Minus paper towels, any wannabe vandal will have to be more authentic than doing the boring, repetitive clogging up of sinks and toilets. The elimination of paper towels means that a company will never have to spend any more money on one-time use items.

Then, a business can redirect its employee’s attention to other areas when it comes to the normal washroom maintenance duties, because hand dryers require very little upkeep indeed. When using washroom hand dryers instead of paper towels, a business can be both ecologically friendly and assist in the saving of trees, thus helping the environment. Plus, washroom hand dryers do not display a lot of easily accessible parts to be broken, so they are not as vulnerable as common paper towel holders.

A much more cost effective solution

Washroom hand dryers will help a company save a noticeable amount of money. With the replacement of paper towels to hand dryers for commercial use in the UK, it means not having to buy any paper towels ever again, as the dryers themselves cost so very little to operate. The only consideration regarding costs is the original purchase (not expensive these days) and then the installation of the dryer. Some people get concerned because of the lack of an electrical outlet being located in the washroom. But once again, this is a cost effective solution and a company will soon find to their delight that it will simply recoup the initial costs pretty quickly, and are happy to have made the switch over.

As you will see, with the use of washroom hand dryers instead of paper towels, there will be less time being used in maintaining the washroom. There is no more need to periodically check to ensure that the availability of paper towels is always there, or taking apart the paper towel holder to refill it, and staff can spend that time elsewhere.

Guarantees and Maintenance

Of course, a washroom hand dryer is not totally maintenance free, but, it will naturally not have to be periodically refilled, and normally comes with at least a decade’s guarantee to cover any repair costs, should one should happen to break down. Some hand dryer manufacturers claim that the machines will have an extensive lifespan of at least 20 years with proper care.

One thing that you may have heard about regarding hand dryers is the health benefit potential to decrease bacteria on people’s hands after receiving a hot blast of hot air. That does make sense because people usually feel that their hands feel good after drying them this way and seldom go back to wishing for paper towels ever again.

Here’s to keeping your hands nice and clean and wonderfully dry!