Types of custom Velcro patches

Embroidered patches

Many successful companies now make use of embroidered patches to be sewn to their work uniform that have several backing options such as iron on, peel and stick, and Velcro. Most of the organizations that manufacture these patches now digitize all of their logos themselves with the help of professional digitizers that have years of experience in this field.

Printed patches

While logos that are detail oriented are a bit difficult when embroidered, designs printed on patches turn out extremely well. Also, there is a limitation on colors on embroidered patches whereas you can order printed patches for almost any color. Moreover, printed patches are much cheaper than the embroidered ones.

Woven cloth patches

Extremely lightweight and neat looking, cloth patches can be woven into any clothing article easily. They are a better option when your patch design is too detail oriented to be embroidered and are also available at decent prices. Though, if you wish to order for a patch whose design incorporates more than 8 colors, you should think about switching to printed patches.

PVC or Rubber patches

PVC patches are currently trending immensely in the market for its resilient quality and cool looking appearance. They give a whole together different look to a clothing piece than any other patch does. You will find 2D as well as 3D PVC patches being used in a lot of custom clothing companies all across the world.

Leather patches

You can easily spot custom leather patches featuring brand labels in most of the famous denim jeans and jacket brands. Here, most of the times, the iron on patch is sewn outside whereas custom leather patch is sewn on the inside.

Therefore, custom Velcro patches can be designed using a number of manufacturing mentions as mentioned above.