Tips for Cocktail Party Fashion

Selecting the right attire for the cocktail party can often leave you in utter confusion. To step out of the frivolous situation, read this post to get a nice picture of what to choose before heading to social gatherings like cocktail parties.

Select the color smartly

You are free to select any color to wear in this free world. But when it comes to selecting a fashion combination for to attend a cocktail event, you better be stringent while choosing the colors. Sometimes the dress code and the color are mentioned by the hosts which are altogether a less confusing scenario. But, if not, you should avoid wearing jazzy and gaudy colors. If it is a day event better your try something in beige, light blue, cream or light pink. Men can stick to Italian men style casual shirts and trousers, while women have the wider options to choose from the dresses of several kinds. But to be honest the color of any formal parties is black.

Consider the occasion

While attending the night parties you are free to don in a black LBD, a long gown that may look stunning at the same time shouldn’t make you look loud. Don’t do a fashion faux pas by choosing wild colors and hilarious designs. Avoid flamboyant reds and fluorescents that can tag you into the category of the fashion violators. Consider the occasion that you are attending before selecting the designs and the color of your attire. The list also includes your makeup and accessories you are wearing.

Pick your style

Considering your physical appearance, body type and skin color, pick the dresses. Men can easily pick a tuxedo or semi-formals that they mostly club with jeans and casual shirts. But women often take ample time in selecting the party dress to pull the crowds’ attention at the same time look elegant. If you are an adult lady and don’t understand what to select before heading for the party, better you get some fashion tips from the style magazine you read or from any of your fashion-conscious friend.

Don’t worry about the extra pounds

Nowadays, it is a myth that if you are lean and perfectly shaped; you are free to wear any cocktail party wear you select. Even with a few extra pounds, you can flaunt is a perfect cocktail party. To get more confidence, you should try wearing solids.

So, select your party attire smartly. Whatever you wear that must exhibit your class and good fashion sense.