Things to Know about Bottle Labels

Labels are the essential components of branding and marketing. It is the identification of the product being sold. Therefore, it needs to be not just informative but attractive as well. Packaging is the first thing that is noticed by a buyer. If the label is attractive, the buyer will pick the bottle, turn it over and read the information. So, manufacturers need to ensure that they are doing enough to package their products well.

Essentials about Bottle Labels

Having the best quality labels can help you sell more of your product. Therefore, it is important that you take care of the following points regarding your bottle labels.

  1. Quality of labels: The first thing about bottle labels is their quality. Very often labels on bottles come off when they get wet. As a marketer or manufacturer that wishes to sell more of his/her products, you must ensure that the quality of labels should be such that it does not get peeled off too easily.
  2. Design: The label design should be simple and easy to read. The message that you wish to convey to the consumers should be loud and clear. At the same time, the label should be attractive and not too complicated.
  3. Right use of colors and fonts: The bottle labels should be attractive and have a nice blend of colors. Too dark colors and difficult-to-read fonts will make the buyer not pick the bottle from the shop rack in the first place. Secondly, the information that you wish to display should be in an attractive font that is unique and easy to read.
  4. Hand applied or machine applied: The choice of the right bottle labels also depend on whether they would applied on to the bottles manually or with the help of machines. In cases where there is bulk production and sales, the bottle roll labels are ideal as they can be applied with the help of a machine.
  5. Material of the label: As mentioned, the quality of the label should be fine so that it does not get spoilt when exposed to sun, heat or water. Taking note of the product stored in the bottle is also important as spillage can spoil the label. While paper labels are cheap to produce and apply, they are prone to being torn very easily. Vinyl and synthetic bottles labels are considered good in this respect.
  6. Size and shape of the label: An essential thing to note about the bottle labels is the size of the label. The shape and size should be such that it is appropriate to the bottle. The information on the label should be easily readable and it should not be hidden or obstructed due to the shape. The shape of label should fit on to the bottle perfectly so that it is clear.

With several companies in the foray for printing bottle labels, you must choose the best one that offers customized bottle labels. This way you will be assured of labels that are appropriate to your product.