The Right Shoes for Your Red Outfit

Ladies love to wear red, particularly on certain occasions. Red is great for a holiday outfit. It’s also the go-to dress if you like to go on a daring evening date. Once you finally decided to wear a red dress on a particular occasion, the next step is to pick the right pair of shoes.

Red and Gold

This is many a girls’ favorite, the red and gold combination. The perfect choice is metallic gold. You may opt for a toned heel, strappy sandals, or flats; gold will definitely be a great match to red. It’s a good color to go with a red gown for a formal occasion and a fun color when it is paired with a cocktail dress.

Beige, Nude, or Blush

Red dresses will never go awry when paired with taupe, beige, or blush. These neutral footwear colors are best paired with any red shade. The best part of it is that you can easily find this in your closet. Most women want a red outfit to go with nude heels or any style of shoes. The nudist feet appeal will make your red outfit stand out.

Black Boots, Heels, or Sandals

Black shoes match any outfit. It’s the most versatile pair for you to have. A pair of black is a stark contrast to your bold red outfit. You can have an instant color-block impact on your frock and shoe combination. If you are after instant glam, you may choose a strappy pair or something like a gladiator-like sandal.

If you are wearing a sweater dress, a pair of black boots will complete the look. It’s a major contender in the simple and no-nonsense style department. It’s a red dress ensemble that says I’m not trying too hard to look great and instead a more laid-back evening date.

Silver Shoes and Heels

Another option for a metallic color besides gold is silver. It complements a red outfit when it comes in sandals, brogues, and pointed-toe pumps. Silver shoes go well with metallic jewelry which has a similar shade to your dress. You may have a pair of closed-toe silver shoes or a pair of silver strappy sandals. Silver shoes are always a staple in your closet since they can go with just about any color of a dress.

White Shoes

A pair of white shoes can go well with a red summer or spring outfit. This is particularly true when you reside in a winter wonderland like Toronto. White is also a great alternative to black or silver shoes. Your red frock will blend well with a bright white sandal, boot, or sneaker. White is less bold than black and it is the freshest of all colors. Wear white sneakers when you like to dress down.