The Many Benefits of E-Bikes

There are few things more exciting and liberating and yet altogether basic than a bicycle. From the massive front-wheeled models of the nineteenth century to lean, now-classic 1950s models to the type of racing bikes used in the Tour de France today, there’s a whole world of bike excitement to be had. With countless different models on the market, the basic ethos is clear – whether on a simple “bicycle built for two,” a modern motorcycle, or anything in between, the two wheels, handlebars, frame, and seat which make up bikes provide one of the simplest yet most effective and, indeed, enduring designs for any conveyance today.

That isn’t to say it couldn’t do with an improvement here and there, though. E-bikes are the next big thing in the biking world, and for good reason. Here are just a few things you should know when searching for the best e-bikes in Yorkshire.

The Basic Design

As noted, there is a basic divide between traditional bicycles and motorcycles, one evident in the very name – the latter has a motor, and the former does not. E-bikes blur the line between the two extremes by including a chargeable motor which can add to the propulsion you already generate with your legs. This gives you the best of both worlds – all the classic appeal and exercise potential of a traditional bicycle and that extra burst of speed and style available with a motorcycle.

Eco-friendly E-bikes

The “E” in e-bike stands for electric, naturally, which is yet another advantage that this type of bike has over traditional motorcycles and their gas-powered motors. E-bikes are eco-friendly and likewise more financially viable, given the fact that you won’t need to be constantly stopping to pay for more gas – in short, a win-win for both Mother Nature and your bank account.

Faster Than the Average Bike

Lighter e-bike models typically boast a motor which can run at speeds between 16 and 20kph, while heavier models feature slightly bigger motors which can push that speed up to 28kph. Combine that with the natural speed generated by your own leg power, and it should come as no surprise that e-bikes are faster than the average bike on the market today. If you love the feeling of the wind rushing past your face while you ride and you want to enhance that experience without putting down tens of thousands of pounds for a full-fledged motorcycle, an e-bike can be a great way to do just that.

Beating the Traffic

It’s a familiar situation – you’re stuck in traffic, a tiny lane presents itself, and just a few moments later it closes up again. If your bike were just a bit quicker that pathway out of the afternoon gridlock could have been yours! And with an e-bike, it can be. With their lean build and built-in motors, these bicycles are perfect for squeezing through traffic.

From those faster speeds to their sleek and eco-friendly design, e-bikes really are the way – and, indeed, the ride – of the future in Yorkshire and beyond.