Smart Business Moves – 24/7 Answering Service

In today’s society, business doesn’t stop when the clock hits 5pm. Online business trades internationally and to ensure you get the most from your operations, it is important to be available around the clock. We no longer need employees to be in an office, they can just as easily work from home dealing with customers from all over the world.

The Impact of 24/7 Availability

There are many benefits to having a 24/7 work environment. You’re available to work with customers at whatever time suits them and you have access to everything you need without delay. It allows you to build up a better audience because you aren’t restricted by time zones. It also has a positive effect on your workers and their quality of life.

How to Achieve It

Working 24/7 doesn’t mean you and your employees open the office around the clock just to meet the demands of others. It can be achieved by using a virtual assistant and call answering service. A huge number of SME’s now rely on this service and you can rent a virtual address in Sydney for an affordable rate. Having the virtual address means you never close, your business is up and running 24 hours a day, ready to meet your customer’s needs.

How Does it Work?

Having a virtual address allows your business to keep operating even when no one is around. The office may be closed, but the phones never stop taking calls. You’ll have a professional virtual assistant ready to deal with any correspondence. They can take calls and deal with emails when your office is shut. The moment you wake up, they’ll relay these messages to you, so you can deal with them in an effective manner.

You’ll have specialists answer any enquiries and phone calls, acting as a representative for your company. There are just some benefits to having a virtual assistant on call to take care of your company, here are just some of them.

Don’t Miss Out

If the competition is using a virtual address and they’ve a virtual assistant on call 24 hours a day, you won’t be able to compete with a regular 9 to 5pm schedule. What happens between the hours of 6pm to 9am? The answer is a lot. You’re missing out on all these hours if you don’t have a virtual assistant. Having a virtual assistant allows you to take advantage of new opportunities that benefit your business.


Having a reputation as a business who is ready to make things happen at any time is highly advantageous. You must have a 24/7 service for anyone who wants to buy something from you. It stops customers becoming impatient and improves retention rates.

Online business trades internationally, if you don’t want to be left behind, you must have your company open to trade around the clock. Working a regular 9 to 5 shift isn’t enough, you can lose out on so many opportunities and clients during the hours you aren’t open. If you want to compete with others, you must consider a virtual address.