Rincon SwingHeat Press 15×15

This Rincon Swing heat press machine is unimaginable in so many ways. It can easily transfer your favorite photos, logos, words on fiber, metal, cotton, ceramic, glass etc. It is simply perfect for customized presents, advertisementsand so much more.

The heat press 15×15 can very easily transfer numbers, images and letter onto T-shirt, bags, mouse mats, garments, ceramic tiles, plates, jigsaw puzzles or simply any flat surfaced item. It has a digital timer controller from 1 S to 999S

RINCONheat press machine has an electronic temperature gauge, which can be varied from 0 to 232°C (i.e. up to 450°F. The heat press temperature unit is in Fahrenheit. The operation is very easy and safe.

Special Features of Rincon Swing Away Heat Press 15×15:

  • The heat press has a non-stick coated heat surface. It has a thickened heating plate that guarantees stable and even temperature.
  • It is capable of holding high pressure loading. It was constructed for heavy duty operations.
  • It has an easy opening.
  • Rincon heat press has an impressive spring load balancing design. The legs could be adjusted to a preferred level.
  • There is an electronic display gauge.
  • The dimension of the heating surface is 15″ x 15” (38 cm X 38 cm)
  • The press temperature units are measured in Fahrenheit. Maximum temperature is around 450 Fahrenheit. The parameters areadjustable easily by (+/- 1 deg F)
    There is a timer or alarm to alertyou.

  • Input Voltage is ~110V to ~120V. Plugging could be done to regular out walls.
  • Timer could be adjusted between1 S and 999S.
  • It has a complete molded Styrofoam packaging.
  • Rincon heat presscomes with a 6-month warranty.

On the whole, RINCON 15×15 heat press will come in handy for all your customized T-shirts, sweatshirts and more.