Manual Drip Coffee Filter Cone is Easiest to Use

A manual drip coffee cone is something that a generation of current coffee lovers that have reached a certain age might remember from their grandmother’s kitchen.

I will refrain from saying more about the age required to remember such a filter cone, especially a porcelain manual drip coffee cone.

They have by and far been by replaced electric coffee makers over the years. The closest one finds nowadays to “manual” coffee making is making coffee the French press way.

So why would a renowned coffee house such as Melitta “relaunch” a rudimentary device such as a manual drip coffee cone? The difference between my grandmother’s manual drip coffee filter cone and the Melitta 64007B is that the new filter cone is for one cup only.

My grandmother’s Melitta drip coffee cone came with a matching coffee pot and was designed to make coffee for six to eight medium sized coffee cups. The new Melitta cone is designed for one cup of coffee at a time.

So why buy the other? The primary reason is one of cost. All you now require for a cup of coffee is the cone sitting on top of your coffee cup, a single portion of fresh coffee grounds and hot water.

Carefully adding the hot water will result in the freshest brewed coffee ever. There are no “parts” to this coffee maker. The coffee will run directly into your coffee cup.

There is no loss of coffee, neither of flavor nor of aroma. The freshly percolated coffee will run directly into your coffee cup. You have only used as much water as you require for one cup. You have used only as much coffee as you require for one cup.

And if you are clever you will have heated only as much water as you require for one cup. Now that makes a lot of economic sense! In addition, there is none of the hassle associated with the traditional cleaning of coffee makers.

You toss out the wet grounds, which are in the paper filter, and the cone can be easily washed. It is very important to thoroughly wash such an “appliance” after it has been used.

A perfect cup of coffee is all about brewing right. Instead of those washable filters, you can now get a paper coffee filter for every cup. Besides being easy to use, these filters can fit both manual and electric machines.