Important SEO Tips to Keep in Mind when Trying to Rank on Baidu

In terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), China is a big market. However, Chinese SEO, especially Baidu SEO, requires skills and knowledge that foreign companies do not always have. This makes it important to work with an SEO agency Hong Kong who knows the language and everything about the Chinese online market. If you want to get better rankings on Baidu, here are tips to guide you:

Use Simplified Chinese on the Web

Although China has many dialects, the main language used on the internet is simplified Chinese. The majority of people do not use English or traditional Chinese so there is no need to concentrate on this. Websites and content that use foreign languages and other Chinese dialects don’t get high rankings on Baidu. Companies that want to operate in China should hire somebody to provide proper translations and localise their content.

Avoid Conversational or Censored Content

If you want to operate in China, you must know that the government censors internet content. They do not allow some content, events, and phrases. Thus, if you want your site to rank high, avoid any conversational or censored topics. Also, make sure to look at content on websites you are linking to, ensuring you don’t include links that contain censored content.