How Corrugated Cardboards Are Made?

These days, you can find all types of industries have started using corrugated cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes as a packaging material for. Whether you buy TV or eatables like pizza there are cardboard boxes available for their packaging.

The history of corrugated materials can be traced back to 1856 when it was used for storing tall hats in England. This material these days is manufactured by using a complex machine called corrugator, which is quite large and high precision machine too. In order to prepare this material, many types of papers are used and number of layers are formed to create proper material.

To start with all the papers and also other recycled cardboards are treated with very high-pressure steam so that its fiber can get softened and they are compressed to a desired thickness. With the combination of pressure and heat the material becomes durable and strong too.

During box manufacturing the necessary thickness and size of the material is chosen and cut according to size and given the proper shape and necessary bend so that proper box can be formed.

How is the quality checked?

Quality parameters are checked on the following basis –

  • The type of papers used during the manufacturing of corrugated boards
  • When the materials are passed throw corrugators then the box blanks are made which are pulled and tested

  • The amount of moisture present is tested
  • Glue strength, compression, bursting strengths are tested by using certain testers
  • Flatness of the blank box is tested by wrap test
  • No damage in the shape is accepted

Various types of corrugated cardboards

These boards are available as a single, double or triple wall variety. The strength of the box will be determined by the thickness of the flute. Some of these boards are also given different kind of coatings so that it can remain protected under any adverse type of climatic conditions. They are also graded in different categories and while ordering people can specify them in terms of their grades. They are also manufactured in different colours as per the customer’s requirements. However, most common colours available are white and brown.

Advantages of using corrugated boards

This corrugated boards provide very good material for packing, storing and transporting any kind of deliciated or sophisticated items safely. Also, these are not too expensive material and are quite durable. This material can also be recycled as well as reused. Due to this reason corrugated cardboards have become very popular choice in every kind of industry.