Holidaying in Wild West style!


Out here in the American West it’s hot. Cowboy hot. And that means the sun is bright and my sunglasses never leave my head until it’s dark and I’m ready to have ribs or a hamburger or some other American-style feast.  So far on this holiday I’ve been golfing, hiking, canoeing and driving long distances. It’s been great. And one of the reasons I’ve been so comfortable is my fab sunglasses.

When I golfed, it was around 90 at the first hole and 96 when we finished and I wore a pair of golfing sunglasses. No matter how much I twisted and turned the sunglasses stayed put. My game was at the beginning of the holiday while we were in Illinois. I love the Mid-West for its hospitality and the general kindness and goodwill of the people you meet. The game was friendly and pleasant –  which means I played well but the men I golfed with played even better.

A few days ago, it wasn’t quite as hot when we hiked down a canyon to see the falls at Yellowstone Park. At the end, there were 337 steps to walk down. I’m not an athlete or a dedicated outdoor fanatic. But this was a walk worth taking to see something beautiful. It was strenuous, but my sunglasses never moved. I forgot I was wearing any. The waterfall was spectacular – and very hard to describe. The quality of the lenses meant I could appreciate the water and the rough outcroppings of rock.

And driving. When you spend eight hours at a stretch in the car, your sunglasses have to work, really work. And my trusty sunglasses didn’t let me down, almost as good as my uber comfy everyday Dita Suglasses. When the sun was at its very brightest, I could still see clearly and for long distances. But, I also think that early evening can be a bit tricky. Idaho is a big and tiring state to drive across. But with my Polaroid sunglasses, I could see well into the distance when the sun was getting very low in the sky –  exactly the time when you’re starting to get tired and find it hard to concentrate. The glare can be particularly annoying when you’re already past your best. For me, safety when you’re behind the wheel makes any trip – long or short – more enjoyable. Now, I’m in Oregon and looking forward to more golf and possibly some cycling.