Get the Best Value for Your Money While Buying Leather Articles

Leather articles have their own luxury and look. Both men and women consider at least one accessory in their wardrobe, which is made of leather. Have you ever wondered how to distinguish between artificial leather and original one? Well, most of the people won’t be able to recognise between the original and a synthetic.

One of the most common and important factors to be considered while distinguishing is the price of an article you are going to buy. If it is genuine leather then it must be costly. Since genuine leather articles are made from animal skin.

Which are the animals generally used for leather?

  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Pig

The leather is commonly categorised into three basic type’s viz., aniline which is the purest one, semi-aniline which is pure leather with surface coated and pigmented is coated with a clear top layer. In case of artificial leather, it is basically a fabric based that is chemically treated with the help of wax, polyurethane coating for dye or texture. To help you get the best value for your money, we have done some work to guide you in identifying the genuine leather.

Simply follow below mentioned points to clearly identify the faux or genuine leather:

  • Smell it – if it is artificial leather then it will smell like chemical or vinyl. In case of original leather, it will have animal odour.
  • Feel it – another method to distinguish is with the help of feeling. You just need to touch the backside of the leather, if it is rough just like a tax then it is genuine. If you feel a fabric finish then it is faux.
  • See it – by simply looking at it closely you will identify the difference. If it has fine pores and lines with smooth glossy finish then it is original. In case of faux there will not be any kind of lines or pores and the leather would be extremely glossy.

  • Fold it – original leather won’t form wrinkles upon folding whereas the faux will have lots of wrinkles.
  • Burn it – if it catches fire easily then it is artificial and if not then it is original
  • Weigh it – original leather articles are heavy where as artificial leather articles are light in weight.
  • Drop water on it – if it absorbs the water droplets then it is original and if the water droplets slide on it then it is a faux.