Everything You Should Know About Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system is a piece of technology which is mechanical handling Unitfine machine specially designed to move big and small items from one place to another, on angles of elevation and depression conveniently than any other means. You can find conveyor systems installed at airports, shipyards, retail stores, packaging plants, etc. that makes transport easier and also saves a lot of time.  For holding up heavy materials, machinery, and bulky items, use industrial conveyors for seamless and convenient transportation. This article provides some insight into the things you need to know about the conveyor.

Different types of conveyor belts

A wide range of conveyor belts is available. Hopper conveyors are simple, flexible, and low maintenance product. Roller conveyors have a stainless steel finish and are the best transporting material that makes fast and easy conveying of materials. Curved conveyors are mostly used for logistics, medical, packaging pharmaceutical, and other such industries. A belt conveyor has a simple plane belt that is often magnetic that move stuff from one place to another place.

Maximum capacity of various conveyors

Every type of conveyor has its limits and capabilities. Loading of materials that exceed the maximum capacity can cause the contents to fall on the sides of the conveyor. Never overload your conveyor for these materials that will accumulate around the conveying system can damage your conveyor.

Operating your conveyor belt

Proper operation of the conveyor is essential so that the completion of your task on time. You can control the moving speed of the conveyor, so there is the least chance of items colliding with each other, falling over and even breaking. Therefore, you should train your staff on how to operate the conveying system properly and make them aware of the safety measures, as well.


Doing routine maintenance and checkup is vital in any machine, whether you have fine screening equipment, granulators, or drying equipment. For a conveyor belt, the amount of maintenance it needs depends on the conveyor system’s type and purpose it serves. The humidity and temperature also have an impact on the kind of support required. Clean any accumulation of dust or dirt from the conveyor surfaces and remove any buildup of debris.

The lifespan of the conveyor belt

The lifespan of the conveyor belt depends on the kind of conditions, how you operate and maintain it. A conveyor system in an extreme state may need a new belt every few weeks. But when given ideal operating conditions and maintenance, a belt can last over ten years. Increase the lifespan of your belt by storing it properly; roll it up and place it off the floor in a cool, dry, dark area.

Purchasing a conveyor belt

In selecting conveyor belts, consider the features of the specific conveyor you want to buy and know its functions, hazards, how to maintain and keep it safe, and also its accessories & modifications. Belt material type is an important thing to consider, and you need to ensure that the conveyor belt is of a reputable belt conveyor manufacturer. Other factors to consider are the product’s weight and size and material type.

Safety precautions

Safety is the most essential thing in operating the belt conveying system. Make sure that your staffs have safety kits on; they are wearing safety glasses, gloves, and a hard hat. Always follow safety and health precautions without fail.

Control system

Check operation of conveyor controls and ensure that all stop pushbuttons operate correctly. Ensure that the belt is tracking properly. Examine controls and wiring; look for damage to conduit and wiring, do not touch loose wires.

Cleaning the equipment

Keep the conveyor system clean to prevent injuries and accident. It is crucial to ensure that there is no material jam and debris accumulation. To avoid breakdowns, and to increase the lives of your system, clean it regularly.

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