Everything You Need To Know About Dog Harnesses

Some pets are just unruly on walks. They refuse to walk on the sides and will pull the walker with all force. This is where you must consider replacing the collar with a harness. Although expensive, harnesses are always better than collars. Also, contrary to what people believe, harnesses are good for small dogs, large breeds, older dogs and puppies alike. In this post, we will talk about dog harnesses in detail, with aspects that need attention.

Why choose a harness?

Unlike a collar, which is used on the neck, harnesses are used on the neck and chest/back. Thanks to the double straps, the force on the leash is evenly distributed, and you will have better control on the canine. Harnesses are ideal for smaller dogs and puppies that can choke on the collar. For certain breeds, a harness is almost a necessity. For example, if you are walking a pug, you need to be extra cautious, or else, the collar might exert too much pressure, which can impact the eyes. On the other hand, older dogs and larger dogs also need harnesses. Large dogs have huge force, and on a regular walk, your dog can run behind endless things, which can be avoided with a harness. Older dogs often have neck and mobility issues, and hence, the collar isn’t the ideal choice for them either.

Choose a no-pull dog harness

There are two kinds of harnesses in the market – stand and no pull. A no pull dog harness is a gentle tool that helps in controlling canines on walks. These will tighten up quickly, in case the dog tries to move too fast. There are many brands that make these harnesses, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Instead of going for the cheapest option, it is ideal to review a few of the options. There are websites, where you can find reviews of the best models and designs, and you can find a lot of details about pros and cons.

Before you buy a harness for your dog, always check and measure you dog at the neck and chest. Every harness has a different fit and can be designed for certain breeds, which is an aspect to consider. As for the prices, you can find some really lucrative deals online. Before taking the final call, always consider the size and age of your dog, especially to avoid some common skin problems.