Everything worth Knowing About Antique Furniture!

Furniture is one of those components that can completely transform the décor, theme, and aesthetic value of a room. If you don’t want to settle for the ordinary designs and same trending styles, a good idea is to opt for antique furniture. The number of antique furniture dealers has increased considerably in recent years, especially because of escalating demand, but before you take the plunge, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the investment

Yes, antique furniture is an investment of sorts. For a furniture item to qualify as antique, it must be at least a hundred years old. As such, furniture that’s around 40 to 50 years old is considered as vintage and not antique. Keep in mind that there are limited pieces of antique furniture in the world, so whatever you buy is likely to be a unique item, provided its genuine. With that said, anything that’s antique doesn’t always mean that it’s rare. Some of the antique items were produced in bulk at that point and time, so there can be many products of the same style.

Buying antique furniture

To be able to fully appreciate the beauty and value of antique furniture, you need to know that it takes effort to preserve antique. Most of it is often sourced from different parts of the globe, and usually, some restoration is done to add to its beauty. With that says, don’t expect antique furniture to look extremely new, because the signs of aging – a few marks and inclusions here and there – make it special. In fact, the best dealers don’t bother about extreme beautification, as the lovers and investors of antique furniture prefer the rustic and old feel. It is important that you enquire about damages and extent of restoration. The best dealers will also offer a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

Where to buy?

As mentioned, there are a bunch of antique furniture dealers out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a choice. The best part is many of them have online stores, and therefore, it’s easy to see their collection and place an order. Don’t shy away from asking questions if you are buying antique furniture for the first time. The source, style and design are aspects that must be considered. It also important that the piece of furniture fits into your home and works like a part of the décor.

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