Dos And Don’ts When Negotiating At New Motorcycle Purchases

There are a lot of things that you need to look at when buying a new motorcycle. Added information can make the selection process easier to a good extent.


Learn that the car and bike margins are very different

On smaller and less feature laden BMW bikes, manufacturer’s suggested retail price is mostly a few hundred bucks more than the cost of the dealer. Dealers won’t let that profit go away quickly.

Little bikes

Small sized bikes generally don’t have big profit margins built in them. By knowing this, you will be more intelligent when bargaining over the bike price. It has been observed that margin on the less costly new model of bikes is around 4 to 7 percent. All you need is to do some calculations.

Not being picky can get you a very good deal

Why there are some people who get a new bike for thousands under MSRP? It occurs occasionally and not very frequently. No doubt that the model is a new bike, but it is not sold in year when that model was released in the market.  This is the reason its price is low. Such motorcycles are generally called as leftovers.

These models usually undesirable ones and the dealer is going to have it forever. Due to its less or negligible demand in the market, they are sold at a low price. If you are wishing to buy a new bike then be aware of such models so that you can capitalize on it.


Leave the dealership

Often people advise that it is not the right decision to buy a motorbike on your first trip. This is not always the right practice. If a salesman is offering you a bike at a great price, then there is no reason for you to leave.

If you are unable to get your desired motorbike at the price you want, you will eventually leave it at some point of time. You should remember that they are not cars. Some motorbikes are built in very limited quantities. You may pass up a chance to buy something that you may have a tough time searching.

Negotiate on any other price except OTD

Most of the people get upset about the added cost above the actual motorcycle price. Documentation, preparation, and other fees may not be under control of the dealer. It is best to not compare them. Only talk about the OTD or out the door price.


These are some of the important things that you must try (or avoid) when shopping for a new bike.