Avoid the Scams -Tips for Buying E-Cigs Online

You’ll often see the news headlines filled with cyber-attacks and online scams. When you consider all the possible dangers of using the internet for online shopping, you tend to think you’re better off visiting a local store. If you are looking for a vaping kit or accessories, there may not be a shop in your local community, so the only option you have is to buy online. Here are some tips to ensure you get an authentic e-cigarette.

Trust Your Instincts – Entering a vape shop online is no different to going into a store in a mall, if something feels off, then it probably is. Although dodgy sites can be a little trickier to notice than a dubious shopfront, you can still spot them if you look carefully. If during your online shopping experience, you feel the site is looking for too much information to complete the transaction, exit the site and start your search again. You may not want to leave behind a good deal, but if it feels wrong, leave the site. It is better to lose a good deal than have your account cleared by a fraudster.

Be Vigilant with Your Smartphone – Most of us exclusively use our smartphones for all kinds of things and shopping is one of them. We seem to forget that our smartphones aren’t like our laptops, the majority of them aren’t protected with anti-virus software. If you are looking to buy an e-cig online, it is advisable to do it from a PC or laptop. Smartphones are also smaller, making it more difficult to see whether a site is trusted or not. We tend to flick into a dubious site without even knowing we’re there. Using your Galaxy or iPhone to buy e-cigs or vaping accessories is fine as long as you install the right anti-virus protection.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi When Shopping for E-Cigs – We get so carried away with the internet that we never stop to think about shopping online using public Wi-Fi. Most hotspots never encrypt their data, so the moment you enter in your personal details to purchase your new vaping starter kit, a criminal can pluck that information out of the air and you’re in serious trouble. This applies to both cell phones and laptops.

Check the Supplier – One way of finding out about the e cig supplier is to Google their name online. You’ll find reviews from other buyers who can help you identify a scam vaping site. If you’ve never bought off a particular supplier before, you’ll never know if they are genuine or not. The best way to find out about an online vaping business is to ask the internet.

In addition to all of the tips mentioned above, you should frequently change your password. We know this is a pain in the neck, but it is a necessary thing to do if you plan on buying e-cigs or accessories or any other types of products online. When buying anything online, it is important to stay vigilant.