A few things to know about a pink Argyle diamond

Argyle pink diamonds are said to be at the very top as far as the diamond industry is concerned. In fact, they are supposed to be more than rare and this is perhaps what makes them so valuable in the first place. In fact, pink diamonds are themselves said to be the best of the kind – diamonds to be precise – especially as far as value and wealth are concerned. It also helps that they are the perfect embodiments of attraction and beauty. It is their exclusive nature that makes them a member of the club of elite jewelry. In fact, they are highly valued in the investment markets as well.


buying a pink argyle diamond has become a lot easier now than what it was earlier and much of this pleasant situation can be attributed to the various top class sellers in this domain. The Argyle diamond was found for the first time in Western Australia and this happened at least three decades back. As such this diamond can be called a proper treasure in the purest format. This was also the variety of diamond that made people aware of the existence of diamonds available in fancy colors. Where once only the collectors knew about them now a lot of common people are cognizant of them as well.

Their numbers

In fact, of all pink diamonds mined around the world, the pink Argyle diamonds are said to make up 90 percent of the entire lot. They stand out from the rest by virtue of their vivacious color that is so strong and deep that you would not have seen in any other variety of the same kind of diamond. In fact, as has been said already, it is because they are relatively rare that these diamonds happen to be so costly as well.

Their price

In fact, each year you would not get more than 100 carats of pink diamonds in the market and this is also one reason that has contributed to their high price. This is the reason why they are so exclusive as a product. It is said that in the near future the mine at Argyle would be closed down and this is one further factor that can drive up their prices at that time as well. Buyers all over the world are willing to pay top dollar in order to have them in their collection and it is for facts such as these only.