5 exquisite watches for men!

Watches are the perfect accessory for any outfit. The shiny little thing which adorns your wrist is now considered a status symbol by many. Accessorizing your outfit with the right kind of watch can change your entire look.

Though there are numerous gadgets that show you the time, but it is not the same without a fashionable watch sitting on your wrist. India has a vast market full of opportunities when it comes to watches for men. Here we list a few for you:

  1. Casio-

Casio is a widely preferred brand in India. Casino is known for its stylish and classy wrist-watches. It has infused the advanced technological changes in its various products. We can take the example of G-Stock. This feature allows the watches to sync with your smartphone and you can perform all the functions with great ease and élan. Casio watches prices in India is quite affordable and hugely preferred by major sections of the society.

  1. Timex-

Timex is famous for its digital watches. It comes up with recherché designs for its watches. It is a combination of sophisticated Italian designs and the pragmatic German engineering. Times has its Quartz collection which has been developed keeping in mind the style quotient that some people give priority to. With innovative features of night-light and chronographs, this brand surely has incorporated a little something in its brand for every section of the society.

  1. Titan-

A subsidiary of Tata Group of Industries, this watch company sure knows how to garner customer attention. With major brands under its control like Sonata and Fastrack, the designs of the company have always been admired and appreciated all over. The brand also has many fashionable models under its belts such as Diva, Insignia, Raga, etc. which call out to all sections of the society for its simplicity and refined artistry. Titan watches are for all age groups. It can be easily considered as one of the fastest growing brands in the Indian market.

  1. Rolex:

Rolex designs and sells exotic luxury watches that will surely give you a taste of elegance and perfection all in just one look. The price range is high and meant to cater to those who give their topmost priority to style and beauty. But the brand has not been able to gain much market space in India due to its costly pricing strategies.

  1. Omega-

Omega infuses a unique technology to go with its innovative designs to provide top-notch products to its customer base. It is one of the few brands that manufacture watches which can work in zero gravity conditions. It provides exotic masterpieces to its clients and has been surely able to catch a significant customer base over the years.

There are numerous brands which offer many differentiations of the same core product but choose the one that suits you the most and show it off with confidence! These product descriptions would help you choose the best.